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Richmond Marketing is an innovative trend-spotting and consumer- focused premium brand builder. We do more for our brands than just simply put stock on the shelves, we add value to brand owners, providing brands with the necessary tools they need to thrive in the Irish marketplace. We believe in hiring, developing and rewarding the best people while marketing brands with the x factor.

Our mission: To become Irelands leading premium brand builder.

We work in a way that is accountable, ensuring that the customer, consumer and the brands are at the heart of all our decisions. The commitment to continuously improve and the curiosity and willingness to challenge the status quo are highly valued within Richmond Marketing.


Brand Development

The easiest way to help others understand the Richmond Marketing mantra with regards to brand development would be to direct you in the way of our favourite quote.

Widely considered to be the greatest Hockey Player of all time, Wayne Gretzky, when asked what made him the best said “A good Hockey player plays where the puck is. A great Hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” A simple philosophy that we believe and stand by within Richmond Marketing. What makes Richmond Marketing great is not trying to keep up with market trends but staying on and more often than not being ahead of them. By doing so it means we can revolutionise the fortunes of the brands within our care.

Richmond Marketing is supported by outstanding market, customer and consumer insight that underpins our business decisions and strategy. This deep insight into our target consumers, customers and market trends enables us to focus our sales and marketing effort, maximise our return, add value to our customers and respond to a rapidly changing environment.

Our Brands


Working at Richmond

Staying ahead of trends and selecting innovative brands is only half the battle, fundamental to the success of Richmond Marketing are the people. We look for dynamic, smart, hard-working individuals with creativity, enthusiasm, adaptability and passion to deliver results.

Working within Richmond Marketing offers employees the chance to learn and grow with help from experts within their fields. Each member of the team are given the opportunity to develop their talent by putting their stamp on each project they are involved in.

The way it works- Our business is divided into three key areas: Sales, Marketing and Finance.

Within the Sales team there are 70 plus people. They are responsible for all of our customers, split between the off-trade (major supermarkets, forecourts and wholesalers) and the on-trade (pubs, restaurants and nightclubs). They are supported by national account managers who help the sales team deliver their business objectives whilst helping the major retailers deliver theirs.

In Marketing there are 20 plus people. These are split up into teams each dedicated to their category; Red Bull, Beers and Ciders, Spirits and Wines and Healthy Snacks and Beverages. The teams allows the focus to be put on the individual brands and this focused concentration enables us to hone in on the best opportunities available to each brand.

Our Finance area has 30 plus people. With teams in accounting, administration, customer service, logistics and IT support.



Richmond Marketing began life in 1992 and over the past few decades has experienced exponential growth to create a market leading brand builder in the island of Ireland.

Each brand, added to the ever growing portfolio of Richmond Marketing brands were introduced before or on trend allowing them to grow with the wave of the market.

Notable additions to the portfolio include Red Bull in 1995, Evian and Volvic in 2005, Kopparberg in 2006, Miller, Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Pilsner Urquell in 2009 as well as a wide variety of wines and spirits (including Hendricks and Sailor Jerry). More recent additions within the beverage sector include healthy, better for you beverages such as VITHIT (2014), Arizona (2014) and Kinetica (2012).

Expanding beyond the beverage sector, Richmond Marketing also have a growing portfolio in the snacks category. The longest standing snack is Butlers Chocolate which joined Richmond in 1994. More recently healthy snacks Propercorn and popchips have joined the portfolio after taking the UK market by storm.

Each product within the portfolio offers something different to the consumer depending on their taste and we certainly have something for everyone.

Please visit our brand pages to learn more about the specific brands or click the ‘learn more’ button to discover more about the historical growth of Richmond Marketing.

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