Lean and Green Apple

Contains apple & elderflower mate tea: 3 times stronger in antioxidants than green tea, plus 100% RDA of 8 vitamins. Only 35 calories per bottle



Contains dragon fruit and yuzu flavour with ceylon tea, all high in antioxidants, plus zinc and echinacea for protection. 16 calories per bottle.


Berry Boost

Berry Boost contains guarana for sharpness and physical alertness. Ginseng for mental performance, plus 100% RDA of 8 vitamins and rooibos tea for overall protection and wellbeing. Only 16 calories per bottle.


Citrus Revive

Contains Graprefruit, Lemon & Orange Siberian ginseng: For mental performance, and 100% RDA of 8 B Vitamins which energise the body and protects against minor ailemts. Plus 2 cups of white tea. Only 24 calories per bottle.


Mandarin Detox

Contains Madarin and Green tea, renowned for both containing antioxidants which defend the body from the harmful free radicals and protect the body from damage. 35 calories per bottle.



Low calorie, mango and passionfruit juice drink with matcha tea, amino acids and vitamins!

Perform has been specially designed to give you performance enhancing ingredients, just when you need it.

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